2015 Point Series

These are the results of our 6 races point series, between Black Fly R/C Track and R/C Track des Iles in Lameque NB.

Only the best 4 results counted, and TQ was awarded 2 extra points.

2wd Buggy

RankNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6TotalBest 4
1Serge Beaudin9898969810098588394
2Stephane Doucet9294949694102 TQ572386
3Steven Jean0968694100 TQ96472386
4Danny Mallet94900929294462372
8Pierre Hache0929209092366366
5Yannick Noel90889090860444358
6Judy Wilson Noel888288868286512348
7Mathis Mallet86840888488430346
12Brandon Beaudin008408890262262
9Yannic Leblanc00102 TQ102 TQ00204204
10Dario Paoletti0102 TQ98000200200
11Gaetan Frenette102 TQ000960198198
13Sylvain De Blois96000009696
14Gilbert Leclair08600008686

2wd Short Course

RankNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6TotalBest 4
1Eric Jones94102 TQ9898102 TQ0494400
2Serge Beaudin9698949298102 TQ580394
3Serge Hache1009696969698582390
4Pierre Hache0949209496376376
5Judy Wilson Noel929288869294544370
6Leopold Hache8890900090358358
7Jonathan C. Duguay90086848892440356
8Yannic Leblanc00102 TQ102 TQ00204204
9Gilbert Leclair98880000186186
10Patrick-Olivier Hache00094900184184
11Stephane Doucet86009000176176
12Justin A. Cormier00088860174174

4wd Short Course

RankNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6TotalBest 4
1Eric Jones94102 TQ9898102 TQ0494400
2Stephane Doucet9898969298100582394
3Serge Beaudin9696010086100 TQ478392
4Serge Hache909292889094546368
5Yannick Noel92948884920450366
6Brandon Beaudin86909008890444358
7Judy Wilson Noel808882798296507348
8Jonathan C. Duguay84084808492424344
9Steven Jean000909488272272
10Steve Ward009007980249249
11Jayden Jones008078800238238
12Yannic Leblanc00102 TQ96 TQ00198198
13Gaetan Frenette102 TQ000960198198
14Guillaume Ward00949600190190
15Gilbert Leclair88860000174174
16Alexis Gionet08408600170170
17Alex Gionet82000082164164
18Luc Olivier Fournier00007886164164
19Frederic Boudreau79007700156156
20Jeremie Noel00860008686
21Etienne Martin00000848484
22Tate S.00082008282
23Remy Mallet00000797979
24Jacques Sonier00000787878
25Alex Ferron00007707777

1/8 Buggy

RankNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6TotalBest 4
1Eric Jones102 TQ102 TQ98961000498402
2Serge Beaudin9696929898 TQ96 TQ576388
3Stephane Doucet949809492100478386
4Serge Hache929490909892556376
5Brandon Beaudin0908809498370370
6Yannick Noel88929682900448366
7Rob Zerdzicki008686094266266
8Jayden Jones008484880256256
9Yannick Leblanc00102 TQ102 TQ00204204
10Rene Bertin98094000192192
11Frederic Boudreau90009200182182
12Timmy Arseneau00088090178178
13Steeve Ward00008686172172
14Gaetan Frenette86000840170170
15Pierre Hache00008288170170

1/8 Truggy

RankNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6TotalBest 4
1Eric Jones88 TQ102 TQ98102 TQ102 TQ0492404
2Serge Beaudin9496102 TQ9896100 TQ586396
3Danny Mallet989809694100486392
4Steven Jean09496909896474384
5Serge Hache969292929286550372
6Brandon Beaudin92909008894454366
7Patrick Olivier Hache84086798690425346
8Jonathan C. Duguay82088809082422342
9Guillaume Ward800949400268268
10Gaetan Frenette100000840184184
11Rob Zee00088092180180
12Timmy Arseneau00084088172172
13Raymond Christie90000009090
14Patricia MacDonald88000008888
15Leopold Hache08800008888
16Curtis Cove00086008686
17Etienne Martin00000848484
18Mathieu Aube00082008282