Race no.1

Race number 1 of our 2 race point series, September 16, 2017 at RC Race Track des Iles in Haut-Lameque, NB.

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2017 Northern Championship Race No.1

The Northern Championship Series, sponsored by Tekno, is a 2 race series between the two tracks in northern New Brunswick . The first race was held September 16, 2017. The 2nd race is planned for October 1. The host track for the 1st race of the series was RC Race Track Des-isles which is owned/operated by Serge Beaudin in Lameque NB. Serge, with the help of friends and family, spent a great deal of time on the clay based track in preparation for this race. The day was overcast which helped the clay based track maintain moisture and maintained good grip throughout the race. The track layout for the event was quite technical which provided challenge for most drivers.

The race was well attended and attracted some of the best racers from the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. The results of this race will be combined with the other in the overall points series. Overall series winners will receive trophies at race #2. Thank you to all racers who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the next and final race of the series!

2wd Buggy B-Main: RESULTS – VIDEO

1st: Serge Hache, 2nd: Stephane Doucet, 3rd: Mark McKinnon

2wd buggy was a well represented class with enough entries for 2 heats and an A & B final. The top 2 racers from the B would bump to the A-Main which gave the racers lots of incentive to do their best. At the start of the race Stephane and Serge would jump to the lead while Mark needed an early marshal. Serge would overtake Stephane for the lead, and he held this for the remainder of the race. The battle for 2nd was between Mark and Stephane. They would trade the position a few times, but with 10 seconds remaining Mark rolled badly over a jump and needed a marshal, allowing Stephane to get by and hold 2nd to secure himself a spot in the A-main.

2wd Buggy A-Main: RESULTS – VIDEO

1st: Gregg Lawton, 2nd: Jeremy Sherriff, 3rd: Kyle McKinnon

In the 2wd Buggy A-Main there was quite a bit of action that doesn’t show in the lap-by-lap chart. At the race start Jeremy and Gregg got off to a clean start. After a couple laps in Jeremy had to be marshalled in a jump section and that allowed Gregg to sneak by. At about the 2/3 part of the race, Gregg flipped over a short jump while the marshal was occupied, and then Jeremy’s car got tangled as he tried to pass. This let Kyle catch up to the leaders and in an instant the top 3 cars were within 5 feet of each other. Just a couple corners later the 3 cars tangled and continued on in the same order. Another item of note was Shane Foote quietly gaining positions through the race after having a terrible first lap crash.  


1st: Kyle McKinnon, 2nd: Jeremy Sherriff, 3rd: Guillaume Ward

In 2wd SCT it looked like the TQ, Guillaume Ward, would take the lead and run away with a victory. But behind the leader Jeremy and Kyle would work their way through the pack to challenge the leader. At the 2/3 mark of the race Jeremy would pass Kyle and take 2nd place for an instant but then would collide with the leader allowing Kyle to make the pass for 1st. Guillaume had a hard time getting back into the rhythm and Jeremy was able to get by for 2nd. The race for 3rd was not over and Stephane instantly challenged for the position. After a back and forth race Stephane got stuck on a corner on the final lap ever so slightly but took enough time that Guillaume made the pass and held it to the line.

2wd Stadium Truck A-Main: RESULTS – VIDEO

1st: David Jean, 2nd: Serge Hache, 3rd: Nicholas Duguay

2wd Stadium Truck is a class that is a late addition to the series, and as such had few entries. The race started out with a little battle between Serge and Nicholas, but after the 2 of them sorted things out they finished in the order they qualified in. David lead start to finish.



1st: Nicholas Duguay, 2nd: Gordon Mercer, 3rd: Rejean Comeau

The 4wd SCT class is still one of the most popular in the series, and there were enough racers to split into an A & B Main. The top 2 finishers from the B-Main would bump up to the A-Main so that makes for an exciting race. At the start of the race, Gordon Mercer went from the 1st qualifier down to 3rd and fought a long battle to work his way back to one of the 2 transfer spots. On the 2nd to last lap Gordon would regain the lead but Nicholas would take it back again. There was a problem with the lap counting loop and the counter missed Nicholas’s final lap. A notable item is Rejean Comeau ran the final race using Stephane Doucet’s Tekno SCT410.3. He did well to finish 3rd using an unfamiliar truck.


1st: Shane Foote, 2nd: Gregg Lawton, 3rd: Guillaume Ward

The 4wd SCT class had a full field of racers in the final. At the start of the race Shane and Guillaume would battle for the 1st spot. Guillaume had a couple of slow laps and fell back and then began the battle for 2nd with Gregg, he would eventually have to settle for 3rd. As this was happening there was a great battle for 4,5,6 between Stephane Doucet, Serge Beaudin, and Serge Hache. They finally settled the positions with 1/3 of the race remaining.

1/8 Buggy A-Main: RESULTS – VIDEO

1st: David Jean, 2nd: Serge Hache, 3rd: Rene Leblanc

The 1/8 buggy was a bit more exciting than usual at this race. The A-Main had to be restarted due to a false start. In the first start some of the racers did not hear the start buzzer over the sound of the nitro buggy and it began with a horrific first turn crash. In the second start(on video) the start was actually much better, and any crashes that happened mainly occurred at different parts of the track. David Jean got out in the lead and stayed there. Rene Leblanc was running happily in 2nd not knowing his lap counter missed his 8th lap, which was adjusted after the race. The story of the race was Serge Hache, who had fallen to 7th place due to an early crash and then fought his way back to 3rd!

1/8 Truggy A-Main: RESULTS – VIDEO

1st: Guillaume Berube, 2nd: Stephane Doucet, 3rd: Shane Foote

1/8 Truggy was a an exciting race to watch. The race started well, but during the first lap a large crash in the infield collected about 1/2 the racers. Rene Leblanc went from 3rd to last in the first lap and couldn’t get back into the groove. Guillaume Berube and Stephane Doucet entertained the fans with some close back/forth racing. Stephane eventually had to settle for 2nd place after a few crashes held him back. Shane Foote quietly held 3rd spot after an early crash and recovery.

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